Degla Palms

Degla Palms is Memaar Al Morshedy’s latest addition to the affordable housing market. Degla Palms is a residential community with a total area of 350 acres providing 23,928 housing units in 6th of October City. The project features residential buildings surrounded by a pedestrian-scaled environment where landscaping of the foot paths, road networks, plazas and open spaces integrates the built community with the natural features.

In addition to the expansive green areas that occupy 82% of the area for residents’ leisure and recreational uses, the community is supported by social clubs, sports and entertainment facilities, retail space, a magnificent shopping mall, healthcare facilities, kindergarten and schools. A sense of visual balance has been achieved through the combination of architecture and landscaping so that the comprehensively planned city is a model for comfort and pleasurable living.

Degla Palms Compound, 6th of October City (2), Giza Governorate 3250403, Egypt
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