D View

The D//View mixed-use complex is designed with modern architectural and space management techniques to provide both, a fine living and a comfortable work environment, over 13,327 sqm of land. The design concept connects the glass fronted towers with a 300 sqm lake, as the central focal point.

The unity of glass and rugged building materials in a simple elegant design gives a strong sense of uniqueness to the project. The office tower has a total built up area of  23,400 sqm, occupying the south corner of the site. The development’s 419 residential units offer luxurious comfort in a fully secure area that also accommodates a shopping mall and entertainment facilities including 5 star restaurants, international cafés, a business center, a world-class gym and spa.

1 Salah Eldeen Alayobi St, Al Abageyah, El Khalifa, Cairo Governorate 4410212, Egypt

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