Every massive metropolis needs the balance and contrast of a vibrant park space. Once again, Skyline surprises and captivates your senses with a sprawling park that rivals even Manhattan's Central Park. This immense greenspace is truly one of a kind and spans the ENTIRE rooftop of the complex offering an amazing vantage point to view your city from the sky. Enjoy the diverse cycling trails, rollerblade, jog or stroll along the many paths woven throughout this gorgeous park. The crown jewel of the rooftop: The world's largest infinity pool. Truly embracing where the water meets the sky, relax poolside with your friends and family and take in the spectacular view as the water appears to cascade endlessly into the heart of Skyline.

Your lifestyle demands Sophistication and Style with Ease, so immerse yourself in Skyline’s vast and record breaking 200,000 square meter landscape of shops, entertainment and luxury living. Nothing is beyond your reach in this one of a kind complex that puts everything at your fingertips and literally outside your front door. It truly is YOUR CITY for the taking. Own it.


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